(01-30-2015, 09:24 AM)royce Wrote: How far into the analysis was it when you posted these stats?

It's a pretty intense analysis. I am currently processing a 1.3GB wordlist (154,094,601 words), and it's running at roughly 2500 p/sec (according to rulegen's status output). At this rate, it's going to take about 17.5 hours to complete on my system. At the 1.2M mark, the .word file was 17M, and the .rule file was 145M. How does your performance compare to this?

Also, what's your system load? Depending on your system load, you may want to use the --threads option to limit your threads to the number of available/idle cores.

Thanks for the answer. It seemed it was working as intended. Although my computer shutdown unexpectedly which was annoying.

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