PHDays Hashrunner challenge 2015 - Writeup
(05-22-2015, 05:12 AM)gearjunkie Wrote: I had a similar issue. If you downloaded the Window pre-compiled binary then you are unlikely to be using the latest bleeding jumbo. Try this command below and check the results:

john --list=format-tests --format=scrypt

If the result from the last line looks similar to the output below then it is not the latest bleeding jumbo.
scrypt  10    SCRYPT:16384:8:1:VHRuaXZOZ05INWJs:JjrOzA8pdPhLvLh8sY64fLLaAjFUwY
CXMmS16NXcn0BhlHpZJ3J2jcozCDM7t+sfjkgQ894R+f+ldVWM5atlkA==      password
Well, I first get 2 error message saying the Test scrypt 1 plaintext and ciphertext contains line feed and then I get the following output:
scrypt    0    $7$C6..../....SodiumChloride$kBGj9fHznVYFQMEn/qDCfrDevf9YDtcDdKvEqHJLV8D    pleaseletmein
scrypt    1
scrypt    2    $7$2/..../....$rNxJWVHNv/mCNcgE/f6/L4zO6Fos5c2uTzhyzoisI62    
scrypt    3    $7$86....E....NaCl$xffjQo7Bm/.SKRS4B2EuynbOLjAmXU5AbDbRXhoBl64    password
So I guess that it's not the proper version of the bleeding jumbo. I downloaded the latest pre-compiled that I found (John the Ripper v1.8.0.2-bleeding-jumbo-2014-09-28) but it's probably too old.

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