SHA256 base64 - please help
Hi i'm a noob and hoping for some help with a sha256 base64.

I've searched and read another topic but i'm still unsure about something.

So i've got a list that looks like this; (i've replaced some characters with X's, hope i'm right in doing so)


then i've used a Base64 -> hexadecimal string decoder i found from google which converts it to:

2675274A9FDxD169DFF969EAAD5476x0AC4E71A783A6x06169637x4E067C5359 (didn't lowercase this one)

then i've run that through hashcat on sha256 but i've not found any hits with 20GB wordlist. Is there anything i'm missing.

If i'm not pushing my luck how to you arrange your results so they aren't all in one solid text.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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