Value of --pw-max must be smaller or equal to 32
Hello everyone. I'm posting here because i've searched both in the wiki and in the forum, but i couldn't find a solution. Here's my problem: I'm trying to find out a sha256 hash, knowing that the original string is 64-characters long, and that contain only a "?dabcdef" (numbers 0-9, and 'a' to 'f' letters) charset. I've created, with crunch, a wordlist composed by 8-characters words (considering only with max. 2 consecutive characters), and I'd like to create a chain with 8 of this words at time, creating in this way a 64-characters word. 
Knowing this, i run on my terminal:
$ hashcat -m 1400 -a 8 -1 --pw-min=64 --pw-max=64 ?dabcdef path_to_wordlist/my_wordlist.lst path_to_hashes/my_hashes.txt 
But everytime it gives me the error: "Value of --pw-max (64) must be smaller or equal to 32".
I don't know what's the cause for the problem. I'm a newbie in this field, and probably i'm missing something due to my (very) low knowledge. I would really appreciate any kind of help.

Edit: I also tried to run command with "--elem-cnt-min=8" and "--elem-cnt-max=8", but after 2 seconds it stop.

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