Help Please
HI. Im very very new to this so please forgive the very basic request. Ive been "learning" this for around 2 days with no real background in hacking/cracking etc.

Ive made a word document and password protected it - the password is "mike" (nice and simple)

Now I want to learn hop to get hashcat to find the password. I have got the latest version installed and have put the DOC file through QuickHash to generate a hash of the file

I then used youtube (sorry but I needed to start somewhere) to come up with the following - it uses wordlists which appear to be doing the job but my GPU is not being utitlised enough (reported from HASHCAT)

This is the command Im using

cudahashcat64.exe -m 100 -a 3 -o --output-file=cracked.txt --remove hash.txt wordlists/HASHKILLER.TXT

I dont know if its correct or not but Id love to get it running a bruteforce without worldists and using the charactersets

Sorry if this is totally basic but Im struggling a little

Windows PC - 960GTX GPU

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