hashcat-3.00 - potfile behavior / ignored ?
Looks like previous to 3.00 the potfile was written in the current working dir.  In 3.00 I'm finding it written in the 3.00 directory (i.e. where hashcat64.bin is).  However - hashcat-3.00 doesn't seem to read this and skip already cracked hashes.  I can use --show - and I get the expected result (i.e. it IS writing out to the potfile).  Taking --show off - 3.00 wants to crack the hash again.  2.01 would give:

INFO: removed 1 hash found in pot file

I cannot seem to get 3.00 to read the potfile and skip the run if it's already cracked.

I did read the announcement and searched a bit before I posted this - nevertheless apologies if there's something I missed that explains this new behavior.  Thanks.

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hashcat-3.00 - potfile behavior / ignored ? - by vom - 07-05-2016, 01:22 AM