sticky of current recommended hardware choices
(08-20-2016, 03:37 AM)intertan Wrote: One thing I have noticed and looking into myself is what motherboard/cpu combo to get. Plus psu, ram hdd and case.
One thing that might help is if someone keeps an up to date hardware list of a few setups that are working without issue.
One example is a budget build with say 2 gtx1070
mid range 4 gtx1080
more money then brains will a fully loaded system with 8 gtx1080 or titan xp.

I agree with you. There definitely should be sticked post with recommended hardware combinations for hashcat.

I've looked myself into building separate cracking rig and stuck at case selection for SSI-EEB motherboard. I'd like to build a rig where I can combine 4 x GPU + at least 9 HDDs.

I've found only one case which might suit me - Cooler Master COSMOS II but some hdds are in 5.25" and thus not cooled at all. So I'm still searching for proper case which won't cost me a fortune.

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