WPA2 charsets, can you help please.
if your password is hex only and length 8, simply brute force it ... for the rest:

1) https://forum.hashkiller.co.uk/topic-view.aspx?t=2715
2) https://github.com/Routerkeygen
3) use duckduckgo, google or any other image search. the net offers a photos for all kinds of router models. some photos include wifi keys, so you get an idea of the password structure
4) 4gltemall's blog has many photos of routers, quite a few incl. wifi keys, e.g. http://www.4gltemall.com/blog/category/4g-lte-cpe/
5) disassemble firmware, e.g. http://www.radare.org/r/
6) go to a shop and buy the same router to see the password structure.

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