Stuck at hashcat (3.20) Starting... linux
Popped in 3.20 on an old Ubuntu 12x LTS server.
Got invalid driver messages.

Installed a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server install  following the directions in the wiki (new HD too)

And now I just get a :

hashcat (v3.20) starting...

And there it sits.  With a benchmark or against a hash I've run in the past.
Its 'running' when I
ps aux | grep hashcat

And its at the bottom of the list in top (with 0 CPU)

3 AMD R9 270s, I5, 8GB RAM, if these matter.

Edit: dropped 3.10 on new install, same prob. Driver issue I guess.
(and goes my school girl infatuation / major psychotic hatred rage I have with linux)

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Stuck at hashcat (3.20) Starting... linux - by dTest - 12-03-2016, 10:28 PM