R9 Fury Nitro 1100 mhz gpu clock - so slow - why ?
Ah, right, I forgot the rules state if someone is older than you they must know more than you.

As a former Intel employee, I feel it is my duty to inform you that the i740 was technically a VPU, not a GPU. Nvidia was the only company that sold GPUs in 1999. Intel obviously saw more value in integrated graphics and GPGPU than discrete GPUs, and it's hardly accurate to call Xeon Phi a failure when it powers several of the TOP500 supercomputers, including Tianhe-2. But again, all of this is completely irrelevant to AMD's failures.

We had >4GB RAM on x86 a decade prior to x86-64, apparently you're ignorant of PAE. And also completely contradictory to your "AMD is a small company" argument; as already stated earlier in this thread, K8 was a huge win for AMD, especially on the Opteron side, and AMD held significant marketshare throughout most of the last decade. They threw it all away with a series of very poor decisions. Even if they are starting to make some good decisions on the CPU side of the house again, it's quite clear they're still making terrible decisions on the GPU side. And if Ryzen is as good as they say it is, this is actually a very poor sign for Radeon since we know from AMD's financials that they are flat broke, and it means all their cash is going to CPU development, not GPU development. So I'm not sure what exactly it is you're trying to argue.

The GTX 970 VRAM "scandal" was hardly fraud, the only people who thought it was are those who know absolutely nothing about GPUs. And for the record, AMD GPUs have the exact same "issue."

A quality control issue with a specific product from a specific manufacturer is vastly different from a willful and systemic engineering failure in a reference design that is propagated throughout the entire product family. Only the EVGA ACX has the design flaw you speak of, whereas ALL high-end AMD GPUs from all manufacturers, both reference design and OEM design, violate the PCI-e specification. How you can even attempt to argue otherwise is mind-numbingly ignorant. All your point does is reinforce our mantra of "always buy reference design GPUs."

My quarrel with AMD is hardly personal; it directly relates to the quality of their products, the instability of their product lines, and their reliability as a company -- things that ALL Hashcat users benefit from.

This thread has become tedious as you continue to side-step every legitimate point that I've raised, and have only countered with more irrelevant and inaccurate bullshit. While there is value in my posts for other users and future Hashcat forum readers to collect, this has ultimately become a waste of my time, and thus I will not be replying to any more of your nonsense.

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