Help with partial known simple OS X password
I didn't say you shoud use "- o" (minus space lower-case o), but "-o file".
That's a huge difference.

Furthermore, this "-1 xyz?d?d?d?d" is totally wrong. What should this do in your opinion?

--custom-charset1 (or short -1, minus one) is used to define a custom charset. It makes no sense to use 4 times ?d in a custom charset definition because that would mean you add all the digits four times to the set of chars. That makes absolutely no sense.

I do not understand why you try to change the (correct) command I posted and transform it in something completely incorrect.

Please use the wiki for further questions and the very basic hashcat usage (, it seems that you also need to get some crash course on how to use the shell/command line (otherwise you wouldn't confuse -o with - o etc), please search some online guides for help with how your command line/shell works etc

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