FIFO help
Thank you for the reply philsmd!

The pipe solution works, but isn't as efficient as I had hoped (I've got 4x 970 cards and they're running around 6% each as compared to 95%+ with normal file based input). 

I'm focused solely on NTLM and my goal is to find ways to get at the longer or more complex passwords that have otherwise eluded discovery.  In my current testing, I've just run through ~14000 hashes and am down to the last 1600....but these last 1600 are proving difficult and I'm getting very little ROI at this point.  Given these were all created by humans who aren't security experts, I suspect there are at least one or two more common patterns that will yield more fruit if I can find them.

I'm certain I'm going to find more passwords with three word or four word n-grams, combined with common rule variability.... I just need a good way to build the n-gram permutations while maintaining speed and reducing system requirements.

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