hashcat v3.6.0

Welcome to hashcat v3.6.0 release! This release is mostly about new algorithms added.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!!!

Download here: https://hashcat.net/hashcat/

  • Added hash-mode   600 = BLAKE2-512
  • Added hash-mode 15200 = Blockchain, My Wallet, V2
  • Added hash-mode 15300 = DPAPI masterkey file v1 and v2
  • Added hash-mode 15400 = ChaCha20
  • Added hash-mode 15500 = JKS Java Key Store Private Keys (SHA1)
  • Added hash-mode 15600 = Ethereum Wallet, PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256
  • Added hash-mode 15700 = Ethereum Wallet, PBKDF2-SCRYPT

  • 7-Zip cracking: increased max. data length to 320k and removed AES padding attack to avoid false negatives
  • Dictionary cache: Show time spent on dictionary cache building at startup
  • Rules: Support added for position 'p' (Nth instance of a character) in host mode (using -j or -k)
  • Rules: Support added for rejection rule '_N' (reject plains of length not equal to N) in host mode
  • Rules: Support added for rule 'eX'
  • Wordlist encoding: Added parameters --encoding-from and --encoding-to to configure wordlist encoding handling
  • Wordlist encoding: Support added for internal conversion between user-defined encodings during runtime

  • Workaround added for NVIDIA NVML library: If libnvidia-ml.so couldn't be loaded, try again using libnvidia-ml.so.1

  • WPA cracking: Improved nonce-error-corrections mode to fix corrupt nonces generated on big-endian devices

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed a condition that caused hybrid attacks using a maskfile to not select all wordlists from a wordlist folder
  • Fixed a memory leak that was present when a user periodically prints hashcat status (using --status-timer)
  • Fixed a missing type specifier in a function declaration of the RACF kernel

  • Building: In the binary release packages, link libiconv static for Windows binaries
  • Dictstat: Structure for dictstat file changed to include --encoding-from and --encoding-to parameters
  • OpenCL Runtime: Updated AMDGPU-PRO driver version check, warn if version 17.10 (known to be broken) is detected
  • WPA cracking: Reduced --nonce-error-corrections default from 16 to 8 to compensate for speed drop caused by big-endian fixes

- atom

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