Problems with the encodings of dictionaries ...
Help please understand the hacking of passwords when working with various encodings of dictionaries...

I created a RAR archive with a password in Turkish - abaküsçü

Got a hash of the password - $RAR3$*0*83xxxx04c276xxd0*840fxxxxxxafc0a5xxxxb31053xxxx41

Also I have a dictionary in which there is a given password in the UTF-8 encoding (turkish.dic).
I ran cracking in the windows console with different options, for example:

hashcat64 -m 12500 -a 0 $RAR3$*0*83xxxx04c276xxd0*840fxxxxxxafc0a5xxxxb31053xxxx41 turkish.dic


hashcat64 -m 12500 -a 0  --encoding-from=utf-8 --encoding-to=866 $RAR3$*0*83xxxx04c276xxd0*840fxxxxxxafc0a5xxxxb31053xxxx41 turkish.dic

But not successfully((

What's the problem, what am I doing wrong?

[edit: all hashes masked by philsmd]

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