Helpscreen redesign
that is actually not what this thread is about. i am seeking for some help in redesign. its more an optical thing than a technical.

however, here are your answers:

Quote:I personally don't like the idea of having software names there instead of the used storage algorithm. Let's say I have a wbb hash. It's not in the list. So let's look up what storage algorithm is used. Got it... Damn what software uses this storage algorithm too and is also listed? So leads me to another lookup (which may or may not be successful). Also if i know i have a md5(salt.pass). Was this like Joomla or like osc? Always confuse these two. I think you get it. Such a list can never be near to complete and therefore can be a bit frustrating.

I prefer a list like
    1 = md5(pass.salt) (e.g. Joomla)
    2 = md5(salt.pass) (e.g. osCommerce, xt:Commerce)

well this is just not "true". oclHashcat-plus will have special optimizations for this. joomla which uses a 32 byte salt for example. the parser will acccept only hashes with 32 byte salts. same applies to osc und xtc which have a 2 byte salt only. this way its also possible to optimize kernelcode and make it faster. thats the reason why not to stick to generic types.

Quote:btw, how about a "hash:plain" output format? With salts like in vb it can be kinda hard to tell where the salt ends and where the password starts.

yeah, true, but this would cause some deep changes that are currently not in sight.

Quote:can rules now be used in all available attack modes or is there a line missing in the output?

right, missed that

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