Buy Hybrid GPUs - Mining and Video Editing
Hi everyone!
My current GPU's 2x Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 4gb DDR5 are about to die. One of them displays artifacts once every 5 / 10 min and the other one sometimes just doesn't boot / starts. 
I Want to replace them with new Graphics cards, but as I've been out of the market for some years, I'm not really sure what to buy considering that a lot of new GPU's are in the market from both AMD and NVIDIA.
What do you guy's suggest?
I'm rendering 4k Videos and This 2 cards die at it, but they do the work (slowly and with lots of software optimization).
When I'm not rendering I want the 2 new cards to Mine.
My Budget for the upgrade is 1200€ (MAX) and I live in Portugal. So far, I've searched a little and found this page (link at the end) which gathers some Portuguese stores offers together (it's easier to sort like this). 
I'm also worried about energy efficiency. The energy here is expensive and I want to be efficient whether I mine or Edit Videos. 
Regarding the rest of the hardware I'm pretty well served, so I wont be needing any PSU, Motherboard, RAM's or other type of components. 

This are the GPU's I want to choose from (sorry for the long URL but the post tool automatically erases part of the query: 8gb ddr5 gpu below 700€

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