Math Question !
Some time ago I made a feature request for maskprocessor to have some sort of “markov” ability.

My main request was to allow the user to be able to stipulate the number of sequential identical characters when brute-forcing a WPA key.

The idea is that it is very uncommon (although not impossible) for a single character to be in a password multiple times, sequentially.

AAAAAAAX is of course a possible password but unlikely. I have seen 2 sequential characters before in real world passwords but I have personally never seen more than 2 sequential ones.

So while atom is considering whether or not to implement this I was trying to work out just how much of an improvement on a brute-force attack it will actually make.

Some router providers use 8 uppercase characters as their WPA key. Using my HD5870 I can do the full key space in 26 days. However this is using the pure brute force method.

What I am trying to calculate is how long would it take me to cover the keyspace (assuming no more than 2 sequential characters are present and the user sets the maximum to 2) using this new feature ?

I understand how to work out the full method, 26*26*26*26*26*26*26*26 but I have no clue where to start on the enhanced method !

Anyone clever enough to be able to work this out ?


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