Any help With hcxdumptool and hashcat
Hi, i get this error with hcxdumptool  when i capture the PMKID.

i capture the PMKID no problem, FOUND PMKID

but when i try to convet the capture file that i -o utput in hcxdumptool

i get this error

EAPOL timout is to low

So i cannot convert the file for hashcat

Any ideas why im getting this error any1

is it a common error with hcxdumptool

thanks for any advice...

i capture with this code.

hcxdumptool -i wlan0mon -o pmkid.pcapng --enable_status=1

get resuts
[08:50:37 - 006] 002417bdb675 -> d8cf9c805f44 [FOUND PMKID]

the convert code i use is as follows after i capture the pmkid

hcxdumptool -E essidlist -I identitulist -U usernamelist -z capturedthis.16800 pmkid.pcapng

then i get the error

EAPOL timeout is low

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