Blockchain second pass decrypt error
are you sure that this wallet uses a second password at all ? Did you try to validate and find out the details and that the password works with another tool (or the blockchain web page) ?

From your previous posts (these posts are actually, again, against the forum rules since you are posting hashes which is of course forbidden, see I can see that you have a lot of problems with your setup or cracking the hashes, maybe it's related again and it's a problem of your installation/system/setup.

Furthermore, "convert to base64" isn't really what is going on here, for base64 encoding you do not need any passwords. base64 is just a type of representation of (raw) bytes, nothing more. The important step is not the conversion to base64, but the decryption of the data instead (using a password based key derivation function).

I think "brute" is also not a good term and strategy here. you should try to crack the hashes with dictionary attacks (-a 0) combined with rules (-r rule_file.txt) instead. brute-force is a bad strategy, mask attack would be much better, but again the best thing to try first is dictionary-based attacks (except if the passwords are known to be really random and you have no clue what the pattern is... but then again it could be infeasible if the password is very long and random).
18800 as far as I know uses at least 10000 sha256 rounds, so it's not really the fastest algo to "just brute" it.

I would also recommend trying to crack the examples from and/or creating new wallets with known password and testing with those, just to make sure that everything is working okay.

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