Dell 5820 with high power GPU
(04-24-2019, 02:52 AM)Chick3nman Wrote:
(04-22-2019, 02:41 AM)slyexe Wrote:
(04-18-2019, 04:29 PM)joe123 Wrote: Can such a Quadro card be replaced by high power GPU (actively cooled), especially when it comes to the
power connector? Other things to consider?

You can remove any video card running on a PCI-E bus with any other card of your liking. Quadro's are simply overpriced video cards with licensing features. So if you're looking at swapping it with say a GTX 1080ti or RTX 2070-2080ti it very well can be swapped no problem. You may even have an extra PCI-E bus to play with and can add MULTIPLE cards to run with hashcat. The power connectors and what not will be identical to any other motherboard. The only thing that may be different with a brand name computer is the MOBO main power supply may have a different connector on it but the peripherals will all be the same.

Be careful with this. Power connectors on Tesla/Quadro cards are often NOT PCI-E power connectors. They are instead, EPS power connectors, which have a different conductor arrangement and keying as well as supplying a different amount of power, though still 12V.

Thank you very much for the helpful feedback!

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