Custom charsets for Cyrillic passwords in NTLM hashes
no, it's perfectly fine to answer like you did and clarify the situation.

Thanks for the clarification !

It just wasn't very clear (maybe only to me) that this was just a general clarification/statement and your argument was only to make clear that the "fixed-2-bytes" rule isn't always true in general.

The phrase "I may missunderstand you" sounded to me that it was "your problem" (original post) and that you were trying to fix this problem and didn't understand the argument that undeath gave... now we ALL know it was just a general clarification/correction of the wrong 2-bytes-for-utf16 rule.... I think that also undeath knows that both utf8 and utf16 are variable length and that 2 bytes isn't the maximum number of bytes for utf16 to represent a single "character". The main problem is that with "just" only 2 bytes you can already represent soo many characters in utf16 that it's quite rare that (with most languages, not all of course ! I'm also mainly focusing on english but I know that''s not a good idea always, because some languages most of the time use 4 bytes) you have to use 4 bytes or more with utf16.

Sorry for my misunderstanding and confusion above... it wasn't meant to stop people to discuss at all, it was just a little bit unclear to me if you are kind of related or having the same problem to fix etc.

I guess at least from now we ALL know that the minimum 2 bytes and maybe much more bytes per "character" are used in utf16. an hell yeah, character encoding (and conversion) can be quite difficult to understand and deal with ! it's sometimes a nightmare. it's for sure not as simple as always 2 bytes !

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