Long passwords
(01-24-2012, 01:28 AM)Franek2007 Wrote: Hi all

I tried various approaches and combinations and nothing works. This is what I would like to achieve:
I own hash list that has 4300 valid hashes. Corresponding passwords that are needed to be cracked, consist of 22 characters each (digits only). So as you can see I got quite a few of passwords nature. Unfortunately none of hashcats does the job. It says things like "your symbol limit is too high" or "too much combination" Sad

I don't really want to crack all of available hashes, I would be happy if i could get just few of them.

Thanks in advance and sorry for grammar errors, thats not my native language.
LOL .. I am shocked to know you on what you are trying to crack !! :O
But even if you use something like rainbow tables (which is useless coz you need to create tables which is going to take a huge space.) this may be achieved . BUT THATS NOT POSSIBLE COZ 22^10 is still F*kin big right ??

(01-24-2012, 07:13 AM)Vulpix Wrote: 341 427 877 364 219 557 396 646 723 584

That is the amount of possible passwords =P

That is 341 octillion, 427 septillion, 877 sextillion, 364 quintillion, 219 quadrillion, 557 trillion, 396 billion, 646 million, 723 thousand and 584 possible combinations.

I probably made an error in my math there somehow as it's quite late... but just in case I didn't, here's some more Big Grin No matter how well optimized cracking engine is, there's no way you could crack these hashes ^_^; I mean even if this was the fastest-decrypting cipher of oclHashcat-plus it would still take over 4 * 10^11 years to compute Big Grin

Hmm how did you manage to calculate that big number :O
By the way since it contains only digits isnt that supposed to be 22^10 (= 26559922791424)?
correct me if i am wrong.. Smile

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