Hashcat sees my GPU but not my CPU
If you bought the card specifically for hashcat the question is why you chose AMD at all. Their OpenCL runtime is known to be garbage and their hardware is poorly suited for hashcat's purposes, compared to Nvidia cards. But anyway…

First off, if hashcat fails to detect your card that's an error in the OpenCL runtime (the driver you are using) or in very rare cases on the OS level (no/bad OpenCL loader). Hashcat has absolutely no influence on that, it's all third-party libraries. clinfo (as recommended by philsmd) can be used to verify your OpenCL libraries are correctly installed.

If hashcat detects your device but throws errors that's almost always an error in the OpenCL runtime you are using. This is proven by occasional driver updates that suddenly make things work or break previously working things. This happens much more frequently with AMD drivers, but Nvidia drivers do have similar issues. Hashcat developers do add workarounds for known bugs in the vendors' implementations but not all of those bugs are known and of course they only have limited time.

All that said, usually hashcat should be running fine at least on linux. Hashcat is being developed and tested on Ubuntu (with rocm in case of AMD). Don't install the official AMD drivers on linux. On Windows the latest AMD driver on a freshly installed system has so far worked for almost everyone else. You still have can trouble with failing self-tests though, that sometimes are worked around in the beta version.

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