Hashcat gets exhausted too quickly, HELP!
You should also use rules; MD5 is screamingly fast and you won't be using your graphics card to its full potential.

I'm a big fan of these wordlists -https://github.com/berzerk0/Probable-Wordlists , and nsav2 rules

This is what I'd actually run on a Windows box. Linux, you can afford to do -w4, but this tends to make Windows annoyingly unresponsive.

hashcat64.exe -a0 -m 0 32hex.txt Top32Million-probable.txt -r rules/InsidePro-PasswordsPro.rule  --loopback  -O  -w3

and see how that goes.

-w3 - work factor
-O optimised kernel
32hex.txt - target hashes
Top32Million .. wordlist
-r <rules>
--loopback - feed cracks into another round.

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