dapp / digital currency for password cracking
Correct, the major problem with distributing a workload where you may not find an answer and can not prove you did the work is something i would like to refer to as "Node Trust". Miners or "Nodes" must be either trusted, in say a HTP cluster where you control them and can reasonably assure they are doing the work properly and not cheating or having problems. Or Nodes must be able to perform the task in a "trustless" arrangement. With currencies like bitcoin, you are not rewarded for work that does not produce a valid result. This setup involves no trust that you did the work, and rewards only those who produce a result, based entirely on chance and only augmented by how much work you can do in a given amount of time. If applied to hash cracking, since it's not as much a probability and more reliant on the attacks involved, you could not _really_ produce a trustless working setup that rewarded users fairly for their work involved. The only option would be rewarding only for cracks. And while this _does_ work a little, more experienced crackers with better attacks and/or more hardware, would be able to collect the rewards, with little to no chance of a less experienced cracker or someone with less power of ever getting a reward. This inequality effectively ruins the concept since its inherently not fair and there's not really a way to make it fair. Random chance/probability like with bitcoin is _fair_ in that anyone, with any amount of power could produce a valid block, but those with more power tilt the probability in their favor.

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