pattern mask
Well, this is a very specific task (insert a word of length 5, g00se, into a mask of length 12, at each and every position), it's probably much more easier to just write all combination down or use a quick perl (or python or whatever) script.

my.hcmask (hashcat mask file to use with -a 3)

BTW: I'm not sure if you are talking about upper- and lower-case characters... the problem is that the larger the keyspace, the longer it will take and of course it could get infeasible soon, if you are using to much characters at each and every position (therefore it could make sense, as above, to use custom charsets like --custom-charset1 ?l?d?s)

perl -e 'my $l = "?1" x 7 . "g00se"; for (my $i = 0; $i < 8; $i++) { print "?l?d?s," . $l . "\n"; $l = substr ($l, 2) . "?1"; }'

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