Generator of fortune
26 char hexadecimal can be done by generating 1 wordlist file of 8char hex of all possible outcomes and then using ./combinator3 from the hashcat utils and a mask at the end adding the final 2 digits. "

True just like using jumbo john with prince attack, already a little bit space demanding I think.

"if you have more space then I and the time to do it one 13char file and then running hashcat in combinator mode supplying the same wordlist twice would work also. this also speeds up the cracking speeds on the faster hashes. "

Yes you are right about the speed in any case a wordlist will go faster than a pipe, but with enough rules using characters not present in the sets you can match with it.
The other point is that the software I'm introducing is looping around minlen to maxlen when creating the words.

"Also, if you use hashcat to generate the wordlist for you using masks and a little ingenuity and then look at it...the markov chains they use actually do some interesting stuff. and it would likely help with your situation. i mean there might be better ways to do it then that even but it doesnt require you to write a whole separate program. the compressed 8char hex uses less then 300 MB on my pc. Armed with that knowledge and the --limit --skipĀ  and --keyspace flags. you can even stop and start your attacks as you wish.

I have a similar situation to you and I have been trying to figure out the best way to approach it and thats why this post caught my attention."

You know I was just testing what could be done for not having to wait for aaa.....000 to go to zzz.....999. I see markov are working well but you also need to wait for a length of 8 being done to go to the next and so on, this might be discouraging and so I am trying to "spray" an attack on the hash.

Right now it's not to compare to hashcat, but I still want to put on some efforts at doing a mask or a set of masks instead of --min --max in correlation with --set option. The few popular hashes should be implemented with known optimizations (simd, matematical shortcuts)


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