salt+password md5
I have a salt: 7848783748378478374837
I have a password: simple123
I generated an md5 hash by prepending salt to password.  So the salt and password become: 7848783748378478374837simple123
Then compute the salted password string using md5 as:  2576c3ad507afb89caba6d98cd67e43c

I stored the salt and mdf in a file "sample.txt" using what i (newbie) believe is mode 20 md5(salt$.password$) format:   

I created a passwords file passwords.txt:

I execute: hashcat -m 20 -a 0 sample.txt passwords.txt

I get an exception:  Hashfile 'sample.txt' on line 1 (784878...2576c3<some hash>e43c): Token length exception.  No hashes loaded.  

python 3 code for generating hash:
>>> import hashlib
>>> print(hashlib.md5("7848783748378478374837simple123".encode('utf-8')).hexdigest())
>>> 2576c3<some hash>e43c

Any ideas what i am doing wrong?   Thank you very much for any help.

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