how to Bruteforce wpa/wpa2 in GUI mode
I requested a feature some months ago that would help speed brute forcing 8 character WPA passwords. A type of Markov filter for maskprocessor would be very useful. However now that oclHashcat-plus has a brute force capability without the need for maskprocessor, the Markov filter request would be suitable for oclHashcat-plus alone.

You can see it here on the features page.

The idea is that it is very unlikely that a random 8 character password would have for example, more than 2 of the same characters concurrently.

Unlikely random passwords. = AAAAEDFT, AAAHBGTP, SDEWZZZZ, ASWZZZZZ ..etc

By allowing the user to select how many times a sequential character can appear would dramatically reduce brute force time. The user could select between 1 (unique characters only) to 8 (meaning that all 8 characters could be sequentially represented. AAAAAAAA.)

I would very much appreciate this feature in oclHashcat-plus as it would save me a lot of time and electricity !! ha ha ! However I have done quite well up to now to restrain my compulsion to “nag” for this to be implemented but I couldn’t hold back when I read this thread. Smile

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