WEP cracking with GPU
(03-02-2012, 08:43 PM)skan Wrote: Hello

Could you also add WEP cracking, please?
I know you already offer WPA,
I also know there are other fast tools for WEP cracking,
but i'd like to benchmark the WEP bruteforce cracking with GPU.

WEP cracking is a statistical attack based on the IVs gathered and a flaw in the RC4 key schedule that biases a few bits and causes other key bits to be leaked with some probability. If cracking is taking a lot of processing time you don't have enough IVs collected.

The RC4 key schedule is a data-dependant permutation (and very similar to Fisher–Yates). GPUs are usually poor at array shuffling and data-dependant operations.

I'm not saying Atom CAN'T do it, just that WEP doesn't really beg for GPU acceleration like many other algorithms do.

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