Question about sha256 and AMD kernels
i hope i get it right (from your last example), you have data like this


30303930343139323063306134613231 -> hex to ascii = 009041920c0a4a21

009041920c0a4a21 -> interpreted as hex and given as input to sha256-> your searched sha256hash =

if yes, first prepare a charset-file like this
1. hashcat -a 3 --stdout ?h?h > charset.txt
2. open this file with a good texteditor and remove all newlines, linebreaks, so that there is only one line with all chars
from 00 to ff (512, dont be afraid when your file looks messed up, hashcat randomized the output by default )
3. feed hashcat like this
hashcat.exe -m 1400 -a3 -O --hex-charset -1 charset.txt sha256.txt ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

specify an output-file on your own or leave it, see hashcat.potfile for results, the results will look like this


to get your 30303930343139323063306134613231 you have to interpret 009041920c0a4a21 as ascii to hex or use another tool

these "double-conversation" or misinterpreting is not related to sha256 so it must be have to to something with the source of your data

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