BIP-38 / scrypt question
Hello - I posted a suggestion / feature request on the github site earlier, but it may be more appropriate to post here.

I've been playing with a BIP-38 bruteforce utility that appears to work by using libwallycore, and somehow takes the public address (in lower case hex) and the BIP38 encrypted private address, along with a password list (loads only one file at a time, but is REALLY fast.)

I was able to generate a test private key, encrypt to BIP-38, and then feed a bunch of generic passwords, using the maskprocessor as a generator along with PACK to make a fairly huge password list.

It was able to decrypt the private key that I used, with the settings of N=14, r=8, p=8, however it has not been able to decrypt another paperwallet that I have had for some time, even though I know the password, privatekey and public address values.

I am curious if this is actually functional, or if the N,r,p settings might be different in some way for the other wallet that I did not generate? (Would that even matter?)

Anyhow, the other thing is I would like to request support for this in hashcat - if it is possible to use the public address, and encrypted private key to decrypt the private key - everything I've read on here would suggest otherwise, but I thought it would be worth the ask.

If inappropriate I can remove my post on github as well, but I posted here:

If I wanted to use the public address and the encrypted private key as variables with hashcat, would there be any settings with scrypt that might enable these two things to validate the decryption passphrase, and the decrypted private key?

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