hashkill does it (as far as the current git tree is concerned). It's not quite useful though - unless you know something about the password and/or the algos used. Whirlpool turned out to be a disaster on GPUs and twofish on the host side may also cap the cracking speed in certain scenarios. If you don't know what algorithms were used, you need to try all of them (3 hash algos, 3 ciphers and cascaded modes).

Here are some tables with speeds on 7970:

So in most cases speed will be very low, about 2K c/s on 7970. That's of course if you try all algo combinations. You don't know what was used, because there is no plaintext header which contains such information. You may of course try the default settings where speed is much better (134K c/s) but that won't guarantee you anything unless you are sure about the default settings being used. You should take into consideration the possibility of a keyfile used and if you don't have the keyfile, cracking is impossible.

I think recovering volumes using keys from memory dumps (whenever possible) is much much much better option.

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