insert digits between 2 wordlists
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@kcrowder69 Good job figuring that out. Sorry, I did not test the rule, I never used the replacement rule yet, so I assumed it allowed for multiple characters. Maybe another feature request, inserting and replace multiple characters tryings with  'abc' with quotes around them. I am on roll with feature requests, now only we need people to implement them Wink
Hashcat can be a bit inflexible sometimes, I guess these are limitations that have

i'm sure it's just a documentation oversight, all the wordlist manipulation tools seem to deal with a char, word or entire list. I'm sure I could have managed to figure out regex/sed to do it but i'd rather have a tooth pulled than dealing with that. Smile
Now my chore is speeding it up. the lists grow exponentially with 2 lists and 1000 rules and after about 10 minutes it drops from 1700 H/s to 550.. Sad  I've added the workload switch -w 3 and it doesn't seem to make a diff. tried making bigger lists or split lists. just cracking one WPA hash..lists are even limited to len 4-6. Currently 3 pipes, combo lists, run rule against it then into the attack pipe.  Any ideas on streamlining it would be appreciated. FYI This is an old Del quad core 2.35ghz so I may just have to live with it.

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