How hashcat uses the hardware?
That is 100% some amazing information.  A few followup questions if I could.

Host ram - I think you've answered my questions here very well.

PCIe lanes - Current technology is that the RTX3090 TIs have the ability to run x8 4.0 PCIe lanes due to their 1008GB/s mind melting speed (I'm going to look back in 10 years at me saying this and laugh).  You mentioned it's best not to dip below x4 3.0 PCIe lanes and I'm wondering if that includes stringing together high performance GPUs like the 3090 TI that has such a high speed ability in this case? I would assume that the higher speed of the GPUs themselves may require more than just the x4 3.0 lanes?

CPU - I've got a little research to do here but I'm pretty sure you've probably nailed this one down as well.

Thank you a ton for your input!

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