hcxdumptool - missing frames w/ filtering
My code was exactly the same as when i attacked clients with my AP OFF: 
sudo hcxdumptool -i wlan0 -o dump.pcapng --enable_status=31 --essidlist=essid --active_beacon
but this time my AP was ON and result no clients hashes, which means that my AP provides better conditions to clients, than my ACM adapter. BTW i'm using VMWare Fusion to host _Kali to run hcxdumptool, which in not recommended in --help? Is it much better to run dedicated hardware to feed ACM adapter?

Now to target my IoT coffemaker or other smart devices, they are always connected to my AP. So to effectively attack them do i need to be much close to them with my antenna, compare to they distance to the AP?

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RE: hcxdumptool - missing frames w/ filtering - by pipss - 01-17-2023, 01:32 PM