hcxdumptool - missing frames w/ filtering
Running inside a VM often result in latency problems. I got a lot of bug reports regarding this configuration (VM), but I can't reproduce that because I'm running Arch and Debian (bookworm), only.
Test target devices:
several Samsung Phones (Android 13), a Samsung Tablet, some older LG phones, an iPad, an older iPhone, a notebook (Arch Linux - wpa_supplicant).
All of them try to connect to hcxdumptool
Test target routers:
a new FRITZBOX, some old FRITZBOXEs an old Arcadyan Speedport, several TP-LINKs and hostapd (Arch notebook).
distance between CLIENT and AP <= 5m
distance to attack device 1 .. 20m
encryption type WPA2 (mostly), WPA2/WPA1 mixed mode, WPA1 and WPA2/WPA3 transition mode
It is mandatory that hcxdumptool/hcxlabtool respond faster(!) to a CLIENT than its designated AP.
Please try hcxlabtool series. This tools are a lot faster:
$ hcxlabgetmallpr --onsigterm=exit --essidlist=targetessid.list --essidmax=100 --m2attempt=10 -c 13,1,6,11,2,1,6,11,3,1,6,11,4,1,6,11,5,1,6,11,7,1,6,11,8,1,6,11,9,1,6,11,10,1,6,1,12,1,6,11
or better, if you know the operation channel of the AP:
$ hcxlabgetmallpr --onsigterm=exit --essidlist=targetessid.list --essidmax=100 --m2attempt=10 -c xx
Please notice:
If the AP is state of the art, it will notice the presence of several new APs (coming from hcxlabtool) and move to another channel.

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