hcxdumptool - missing frames w/ filtering
I typed in AP wifi password (not real one, just 8 digits) on Android 9 phone, got M1M2ROGUE and I could recover those 8 digits later w/ hashcat. But this didn't work with latest iphone. Looks like iphone's are very rigid. 

Also while hcxlabgetmallpr was scanning i couldn't  connect to my AP, even if i stand close to my AP and scanning laptop was in another room, behind the double wall.

I got my wifi printer M1M2ROGUE and M1M2M3M4 in less than 10 seconds of scanning, while my printer was located 1 meter away from AP, but my _kali on fusion laptop was in the next room, behind the double wall about 4 meters away from that AP. Quite impressive to attack weak CLIENT's with fast scanner. And this in just scanner running on VMware, i could only imagine dedicated Raspberry performance Smile

1) my AP was in essid list (one name only), but scanner also attack CLIENT which was connected to another AP, that AP wasn't in the essid list. Why?
2) about --all flag, it makes huge list of the same hashes of the same AP, but with different MIC's, are any advantages of this output?

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