hcxdumptool - missing frames w/ filtering
Using BPF, as per your own recommendations, which i read somewhere in Github discussions:
Quote:If you know the AP MAC and the CLIENT MAC you can use a BPF. But be warned, all additional information from CLIENTs running MAC RANDOMIZATION is filtered out:
Quote:Please notice:
Running your BPF will prevent that you see and capture undirected proberequests from CLIENTS using MAC randomization.
You will loose this information:
evilsocket/pwnagotchi#835 (comment)
Quote:I recommend to use the BPF as protection list to protect own APs, CLIENTs.

Based on above information obligatory use of BPF will reduce power of dump/lab tools.

Maybe better introduce kind of user agreement, that before using the tools user acknowledges that he understands all standards and … etc. After that, user will need to type “yes” to continue.

Obviously this will not completely prevent misusing the tools, but at least provide warning information of misusing the tools, which could lead to local laws violations. But the same time this will keep door open for seasoned researchers to use full power of tools.

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