hcxdumptool - missing frames w/ filtering
Today have done testing for two scenarios:
1)"Office" - AP was on and all CLIENT's (corporate level printer, Android 8 and 9 phones, 2x iPhones and iPad) were already connected to AP. CLIENT's are within 1 meter around AP.
2)"Safari" - everything was located as at Office, but AP was off.

Scanner (VMware+_Kali+ACM+hcxlabgetmallpr) was located in the next room, about 3.5 meters away from AP behind double wall.

1)"Office" got hash from printer only. No hashes from other connected CLIENT's.
2)"Safari" got hashes from all CLIENT's and real MAC from printer and Android phones only.

Next step: build system-1/2 to compare with current setup. Hopefully speed will help to get hashes from all CLIENT's in "Office" environment too Wink

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