hcxdumptool - missing frames w/ filtering
Quote:Is the target ESSID in essidlist (--essidlist=) and is essidmax greater than entries in essidlist (e.g. --essidmax=essidlist_entreis +1)?
yes. one entry in essidlist only and essidmax=100

Quote:Additional you can add more ESSIDs to this list (e.g. from NETWORKs which are stored in known NETWORK list of your devices) to figure out if the CLIENTs try to cennect on this ESSIDs, too.
Will try, thank you for the tip.

Quote:What is your AP (router) model?
Linksys E8450 AX3200

Quote:Is it vulnerable on REASSOCIATION attack?
I don't know, please advise how and i will check it.

Quote:I got this bug report:
It looks like this TP-Link Archer C6 disconnect all CLIENTs regardless if the are on ethernet or wireless. Than it became inaccessible for at least 2 minutes. I've never seen such a behavior before.
My iphone couldn't  connect to AP after attacked already finished, even if my AP and correct password were shown in the iphone menu. I did "forget" network and retyped password to connect, after that everything works ok.

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