Rules for Left and Right Dictionary
I agree too. To possibly keep it simpler for you, Atom, just having the possibility to add rules that will modify each word combination would be useful (instead of modifying the left word and/or the right word).

Note to NeonFlash, there is a way to currently do what you want but it requires some initial work from you. You have to make a rule file from your second wordlist of the combination attack. For example if the second dictionary have the words:

then you create a rule file like this:

I wrote a little macro in excel file that does this because I am not a good programmer but maybe someone could wrote a real script that does that. Anyway, once you have that file, everything is possible. You just use the attack mode 0 to have the possibility to have rules with your first dictionary. After that, the way you order the rules will guide what your result will look like. Let's consider the following rule files:

dic2.rule is the one you generated with your second wordlist.
app1num.rule appends 1 num
pre1num.rule prepends 1 num

Here's examples of variation of the rule file order that you can do:

dic2-app1num will give words like BoyGirl1
dic2-app1num-pre1num will give words like 2BoyGirl1
app1num-pre1num-dic2 will give words like 2Boy1Girl
app1num-pre1num-dic2-app1num will give words like 2Boy1Girl3
app1num-app1num-dic2 will give words like Boy21Girl

Basically you can do everything you want.

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