Working with tab/comma/pipe delimited files (more sed).
Since this is not about hash-cracking, I believe this is not the right place to discuss it.

However, I don't mind helping you:
awk is the best tool for this job, on Windows using gawk:
type 1.txt
399|Agua Sal Creek|Stream|AZ|04|Apache|001|362740N|1092842W|36.4611122|-109.4784394|362053N|1090915W|36.3480582|-109.1542662|1645|5397|Fire Dance Mesa|02/08/1980|
400|Agua Sal Wash|Valley|AZ|04|Apache|001|363246N|1093103W|36.546112|-109.5176069|362740N|1092842W|36.4611122|-109.4784394|1597|5239|Little Round Rock|02/08/1980|
401|Aguaje Draw|Valley|AZ|04|Apache|001|343417N|1091313W|34.5714281|-109.2203696|344308N|1085826W|34.7188|-108.9739|1750|5741|Kearn Lake|02/08/1980|01/14/2008

gawk -F"|" "{print $2 \"\n\" $6 \"\n\" $18}" 1.txt | sort -u
Agua Sal Creek
Agua Sal Wash
Aguaje Draw
Fire Dance Mesa
Kearn Lake
Little Round Rock
Simple enough?

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