IKE Preshared Key from Aggressive Mode VPNs
(03-19-2012, 05:06 PM)hermix Wrote: > As a professional pentester of 10 years a GPU based cracking implementation for PSK aggressive mode seems like an obvious thing to do

Where do I have to sign ? Smile


This is a great thread that both gives insight into the drivers of Hashcat (which I totally understand and agree with by the way) and also points out an important aspect of the professional security testing industry - the possibility to give practical proof of "theoretical" weaknesses.

As Hashcat is now becoming a _fantastic_ bruteforce tool, even though might not be the primary focus, I would really love to see some work being done to provide support for IKE PSK cracking. Well actually, this has nothing to do with bruteforce vs more intelligent types of cracking, I would just love to see support for IKE PSK cracking (no matter if its with standard Hashcat or through ocl)!

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