thoughts on hashcat-plus v0.12 w64 radeon6670
1. Default session restore file better be placed in temp folder, i don't think writing it onto system volume is such a good idea. I have my system volume on ssd, and writing 22M every couple minutes on it is not good.
2. Default session restore file should include something unique, like pid or something. Thas way i can pause one copy and run another without bothering with session names.
On --restore you can search for the stored sessions, if there is one only session - restore it, if their number!=1 - give error.
3. Being paused, hashcat updates restore file
4. Sometimes console hangs. I can press 's' key and there's no reaction from the program, but calculations seems to go on though.
5. Runs ended with "Exhausted" sometimes showing time estimated > 10 years.
6. Feature request: attack by dictionary, containing bruteforce masks, so i can specify probable masks in one file and check them all in one run. At this moment i have to write bat-files of several hashcat runs.
7. As i understand, hashcat can't process dictionaries with masks on both ends of the words. Hybrid attacks can add bruteforce masks to one side of the password only, making impossible to find something like 12word34 combinations.
The way i see hybrid attack - add new macros (?w for example) for a dictionary word, then specify dictionary and mask something like ?d?d?w?d?d.
8. Sometimes hashcat crashes on start with no console output.
9. Don't really understand why every run hashcat shows something like NOTE: autotuned --gpu-accel from 32 to 24. Numbers mostly different every run. Not sure why it autotunes parameters, i've specified manually, what --gpu-accel switch for then?

PS: 1, 2: Second thought on restore session filename. It can be generated on the base of hash-filename. When cracking hash.md5, session name will be hash.md5.restore. It's even better than placing files in temp folder.

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