Agilebits 1Password support and Design Flaw?
(04-16-2013, 06:40 PM)atom Wrote: The speed is not 3.000 keys per second. It's 3.000.000 keys per second.
I guess congratulations are in order, but I hope you under stand that I was really really hoping that 3000k/s meant 3000 "keys/second".

So wow! That is impressive and definitely impacts the advice we need to give people.

Quote:And its on 1000 iterations but it supports 10000 or 100000 or whatever.
Thanks. Again, that gives me the ability to extrapolate in giving advice to people.

Thanks for your reply. We are (quite correctly) getting lots of questions about this and I want to be able to give people accurate numbers. There's a big difference between 3000 and 3000K.

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