Possible Bug When Defining Known Character
(04-07-2011, 11:36 AM)Hash-IT Wrote: Hi atom

Well, I finally joined your forum as requested !

Just to report the following bug previously reported on Hashkiller.

XP Pro SP3 32 bit ATI Radeon HD5500 GPU Card

oclHashcat32.exe V 0.25

Make a file called “fy.txt”.

Place this hash in it.


Then use this code….

oclHashcat32.exe -m 1000 fy.txt -1 ?l?u?d ?uy?1?1 ?1?1123! -o resultNT.txt

In theory you should find the password Fyling123!

I find it either crashes or sometimes it just completes without finding the password.

If I use this code.

oclHashcat32.exe -m 1000 fy.txt -1 ?l?u?d ?u?1?1?1 ?1?1123! -o resultNT.txt

Hashcat works properly and finds the password.

This error is purely caused by the addition of the known character “y” after the unknown first capitol “u” letter. To make this clear, this experiment is assuming the user knows that the first character is a capitol letter and the second character of the password is a “y”.

Thank you and I hope you can fix this !

Strange, I was able to do it using your first method posted.

./cudaHashcat64.bin -n 400 --gpu-loops 1024 test.hash -m 1000 -1 ?l?u?d ?uy?1?1 ?1?1123! -o test.out

Status....: Finished
Mode.Left.: Mask '?uy?1?1' (99944)
Mode.Right: Mask '?1?1123!' (3844)
Speed.GPU*: 135.7M/s
Recovered.: 1/1 Digests, 1/1 Salts
Progress..: 102342656/384184736 (26.64%)
Running...: 0 secs

Started: Sun Apr 10 21:55:29 2011
Stopped: Sun Apr 10 21:55:35 2011
/usr/local/oclHashcat# cat test.out

Maybe something windows specific?

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