AMD Radeon R290 - 14.4 Unsupported Driver?
Whyever AMD does that, but this is correct. The 14.4 driver shows as 14_10 in the device manager, the 14.7 shows as 14_20. Same over here and totally correct. 14.7 is just the package number including lots of other software parts like opencl driver etc. So if you install the 14.7 package and it shows 14_20 in the device manager, everything is fine. And the AMD tool is just recognizing the latest WHQL-driver package that's not installed, which is 14.4 since 14.7 is beta. Bit complicated but totally logical.

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RE: AMD Radeon R290 - 14.4 Unsupported Driver? - by Flomac - 08-30-2014, 11:08 PM