Using multiple dictionary for IPv6?
Hi, all. New to the forum.

I was wondering if there were a way of using something like Philips321 did to crack MD5 hashes of IPv4 IP addresses, but use it for IPv6?

Here's what he did. He used two word lists, each comprising half of a complete IPv4 IP address, cracking the MD5 in ~4 seconds:

How would I go about doing the same for IPv6? Can I use just one word list, comprising the full 65536 entries-per-octet, and do that 8 times, with a ":" separator between each octet, and increment from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 40?

What about 'IPv6 with IPv4 tunneling' addresses, in the form:

That's an awfully long string to try to brute force, I'm only doing 382.2 MH/s. Is there a quicker way than brute-forcing the MD5 hash?

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