openLDAP Hashes
I was attempting to use hashcat on an openldap file that I have.  The hashes all begin with the same 8 characters (e1NTSEF9), here is an example:


I noticed hashcat has an attack-mode for LDAP (1711); however, when I try using that I get a line-length error.

WARNING: Hashfile 'hashes.txt' on line 3 (e1NTSEF9b0pvQTdrMDVhMVRSazgxR2pzQ2tONUEybW9kNVNsQkI=): Line-length exception

The hash came from openldap 2.4.23-34. 

I ran slapcat to extract the data from ldap and parsed out the "userPassword" lines:

userPassword:: e1NTSEF9b0pvQTdrMDVhMVRSazgxR2pzQ2tONUEybW9kNVNsQkI=

Could anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong?


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